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Dec 08 2011

What A Difference A Month Makes

At the beginning of November my kids were loud. They were rambunctious, emotional, spoiled, and annoying. They were just learning what it meant to be in school, to follow the rules, and to learn. They crawled around the rug, they poked each other constantly. They fought, they cried, and they screamed. They talked when they weren’t supposed to, and the simplest 5 minute lesson took nearly an hour to get through.

It’s December. We have a daily phonics routine. My students use computers in class. I opened our classroom library, and they know how to use it correctly. They know we are purple zero in the hallway, we sit still and quiet on the rug and at bathroom breaks, and we respect ourselves and others. They have made great strides. They can work in learning centers successfully (with a little too much noise). They can blend words, write words, and tell stories. They are finally acting like kindergarteners.

I’m learning to cater my lessons to their needs. We sing a lot of songs, do a lot of puzzles, and use a lot of movement in our stories and lessons. I’m learning to be a good teacher, hopefully not at my students’ expense. My students are not where I want them to be, but I have to acknowledge the progress they’ve made and the hard work they’ve put in to get where they are now. They are an entirely different class from when I first became their teacher.

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