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Aug 12 2011


Today, after sitting in technology sessions from 8am to 3:30pm, J.A. Rogers held its annual back-to-school ice cream social. Parents and students could come to school, meet their teacher, enroll in school, and get information about the on-site dental clinic (yes, we have  a dentist office at our elementary school). The teachers from each grade level set up a table in the cafeteria and anxiously awaited the arrival of children. At 4:00 parents, elementary students, and toddlers came streaming through the doors. By the time the event ended at 6, almost every kid (and a few of the teachers) had a blue or orange mouth from the snow cones they had been eating.

Dr. McNitt, the principal, told us that as of tonight we have 744 students enrolled at J.A. Rogers. That’s over 100 more than last year and there are 2 fewer teachers on staff. Go figure.

I met a lot of the parents and students tonight, although I’m not sure which students will actually be mine, since ELL testing takes place during the first 2-3 weeks of school. All my friends are cramming in last-minute lesson planning, making tons of posters for their classrooms, and nervously anticipating Monday morning. My first few weeks will be spent testing and observing, so I’ve been trying to make myself useful around the school by helping teachers with laminating, organizing, and cleaning. I also tried and failed to set up my 2 computers in my office today. I have a district-issued laptop and a desktop computer and neither one of them work!!

Here, as promised, are more pictures!

My classroom at Gabriella

My students at Gabriella, excited for our last day of summer school

Some of my students in class on our last day

More of my kiddos

Gabriella Playground

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